Books & Article in Edited Books

  • Takashi Sakuma, Xianglian, Khairul Basar: “Structure and Diffuse Scattering of Superionic Conductor”, in Diffusion and Reactivity in Solids (Ed.: James Y. Murdoch), Nova Science Publishers (2007) 209-226, ISBN: 978-1-60021-890-3.
  • Takashi Sakuma, Khairul Basar, Tomotaka Shimoyama, Daiki Hosaka, Xianglian and Masaji Arai: “Static and Dynamic Structure in Solid State Ionics”, in Physics of Solid State Ionics (Eds: T. Sakuma and H. Takahashi), Research Signpost (2006) 323-346.
  • Khairul Basar and Novitrian: “Soal Jawab Fisika Bagian I Mekanika dan Termofisika”, Salemba Teknika, 2006.
  • Khairul Basar: “Pengantar Matematika untuk Fisika”, Penerbit ITB, 2014.

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