Center for Dynamical Systems (CDS)

This center serves as a place for knowledge developments in the field of dynamical systems.  As parts of the development of this center, in the past we have organized a number of advanced courses:

  • 2015: The Summer Course on Dynamical Systems VI : Nonlinear Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (Dr. W.T. van Horssen (TU Delft) and J.M. Tuwankotta (ITB)).
  • 2013: The Summer Course on Dynamical System V and Workshop on Integral and Differential Equations: Six Lectures on Averaging Method and Normalization for Nonlinear Differential Equations (J.M. Tuwankotta – ITB)
  • 2007: The Summer Course on Dynamical System IV and Workshop on Intergral and Differential Equations: Dynamics and Bifurcations (J.M. Tuwankotta – ITB)
  • 2006: The Summer Course on Dynamical Systems III:
    Singularity Theory and Catastrophe (Prof. dr. H.W. Broer – Groningen)
    Singular Perturbation Theory (Prof. dr. F. Verhulst – Utrecht)
  • 2004: The Summer Course on Dynamical Systems II:
    Dynamical Systems (J.M. Tuwankotta – ITB)
    Numerical Bifurcations Theory  (Dr. L. van Veen, Canada)
  • 2003: Six Lectures on The Theory of Fourier Integral Operators (Prof. dr. J.J. Duistermaat, U Utrecht)
  • 2001: The Summer Course on Dynamical Systems I:
    Dynamical Systems (Prof. dr. F. Verhulst – U Utrecht, Prof. A.H.P. vanden Burgh – TU Delft, J.M. Tuwankotta – ITB)
    Geometric Mechanics (Prof. dr. J.J. Duistermaat U Utrecht, Dr. B. Rink – FU Amsterdam)

Dynamics and Bifurcations Day.
This is an annual event that we started in 2014. It’s a one day small conference on Dynamical Systems and Its Application.


  • J. M. Tuwankotta (ITB)
  • W. Setya-Budhi (ITB)
  • Fajar Adi-Kusumo (Universitas Gajah Mada)
  • Eric Haryanto (ITB)
  • LA Zakaria (Universitas Lampung, PhD student-ITB)
  • Marwan (Universitas Mataram, PhD student-ITB)
  • Livia Owen (Universitas Parahyangan, PhD student-ITB)
  • Stephanus Ardyanto (Master student-ITB)
  • Aditya Firman Ihsan

Past member:

  • Kie Van Ivanky Saputra (Universitas Pelita Harapan)
  • LA Zakaria (Universitas Lampung)
  • Kus Prihastono (Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta)
  • Hasan Panigoro (Universitas Gorontalo, ITB)

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