Work in Progress

Our research group on Dynamical Systems consists of:

  • J.M. Tuwankotta (principal investigators)
  • Dr. E. Harjanto (ITB)
  • Kie Van Ivanky Saputra, PhD (Universitas Pelita Harapan)
  • Marwan M.Si. (S3-ITB, Universitas Mataram)
  • Livia Owen M.Si. (S3-ITB, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung)
  • Stephanus Ardyanto, S.Si. (S2-ITB)
  • Aditya Firman Ihsan, M,Si.

This year, we are supported by:

      Riset KK ITB 2017: Cusp-Bogdanov-Takens Bifurcations in Predator-Prey Type of Dynamical Systems (RKK-ITB)
      Riset Kerja Sama Luar Negeri 2017: Duality in Discrete Integrable Systems (WCU)
      Riset P3MI 2017: On Kicked Harmonic Oscillator (P3MI-A)
      Riset P3MI 2017: Strange Attractor in a Predator-Prey Type of Systems with Nonmonotonic Response Function and Periodic Perturbation (P3MI-B)

Research output:

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